The guest of honour at each briefing is an expert at national or international level in his or her chosen field. Recent speakers have included Government Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, the heads of regulatory and representative bodies, Ambassadors, High Commissioners, prominent commentators and the chairmen or chief executives of leading companies and public service organisations.

The guest of honour introduces the chosen topic for 10 to 15 minutes followed by a single conversation discussion.

There are between 12 and 16 guests at each briefing, invited for the different perspectives that they bring to the table. In this way guests meet their peers, benefit from an informed discussion and broaden their range of contacts.

The briefings take place over lunch in the Garden Room at the Reform Club in London, and are chaired by Hugh Merrill. To encourage openness, all present are asked to respect the confidentiality of the occasion by not attributing comments made at lunch outside the room.

The briefings take place over lunch at the Reform Club, 104 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5EW

The Briefing Circle puts together truly diverse and inspiring groups of people to share ideas and experiences. The opportunity to take a window out of a hectic working day and open one’s mind to new people and ideas can be vital and rejuvenating for a CEO. I would definitely recommend attending one of their events to anyone for high quality debate, thought provoking content and interesting networking.
Stephen Howard LVO, Chair Power to Change and former Chief Executive Business in the Community
What I like about The Briefing Circle is the flexibility. Hugh Merrill is the best networker out there, but it is not just having the right people at the table. I can dip in and out, but know that when I do come I will find a new set of expert people on whatever the topic of the day is.
Sir Andrew Cahn KCMG, Vice Chairman Nomura EMEA
I have greatly valued The Briefing Circle, both as an opportunity to listen to the views of others, and to raise issues needing critical attention from a group of intelligent well-informed agenda setters.
Simon Walker, Director Department for International Trade
The Briefing Circle brings together an interesting cross section of business leaders, politicians and civil servants to discuss topical issues. I find it a very effective sounding board and a great way to understand the key concerns and insights from different stakeholders. The small numbers for each session means that it is easy to ask questions, explore different angles and gain some real insights from the speakers. The sessions with UK ambassadors from Emerging Markets have given me valuable insights into what is really happening in some of our critical growth markets.
Mark Spelman Executive Committee World Economic Forum
The Briefing Circle is an ideal format for free flowing and wide ranging discussion. The speakers are always well chosen and cover topics of real interest and value to the members. The discussions are also expertly chaired which provides maximum opportunity for attendees to participate.
Simon Lewis OBE, Chief Executive Association for Financial Markets in Europe